The Top Five Don’ts When Wearing False Lashes

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Get The Best From Your Lashes: Tip No. 2: Wearing False Lashes?

Here are the Top Five Don’ts When Wearing Your Falsies…

The Top Five Must-Know Tips About What Not To Do When Wearing Falsies

  Scared of applying false lashes properly? Well we’ve now made it easier and faster for you to apply your lashes at home and achieve professional looking results! Take a peek at our two new Lash Collection Kits, available exclusively on QVC!

The fastest way to gorgeous looking eyes! For beautiful lashes in seconds, the Luxe Precision False Lash Applicator contained in each Lash Collection Kit from The Powder Lounge lets you apply any style of false eyelash (strip or individual) quickly and easily! A unique curved angle and reach, with a specially designed grip tip lets you place the false eyelash as close as possible to the natural lash line, giving you perfectly applied false lashes every single time!

  Containing everything you’ll need lovely looking lashes, including a luxe silicone and polished steel eyelash curler for the perfect lash curl and for prepping lashes before applying your falsies, as well as a unique curved steel false lash applicator for fool-proof and perfect application of any type of false eyelash (strip or individual) every time! Try the Enchant Lash Collection Kit or the Flirt Individual Lash Collection for gorgeous lashes in seconds!

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