Summer Beauty Repair: Long Sexy Lashes™ Lash Growth Serum & Primer

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Summer Beauty Star: Long Sexy Lashes™ 3-in-1 Natural Eyelash Growth Serum & Volumizing Primer

Summer heat and beach holidays can take their toll on your lashes, making them dry, brittle, weak and sparse. Repair and reverse the damage by giving your lashes TLC and putting them in rehab with an eyelash growth serum that’s full of natural goodness and acts as a multi-tasking lash essentialin your make-up bag. Oil-free for safe and comfortable use when wearing contact-lenses, this serum works hard to create luxurious lashes, promoting growth of new eyelashes whilst repairing damage to existing dry, weak and thinning lashes.   A summer beauty essential for dry splitting lashes, whether you’re on holiday, at home or even as an after-sun repair treatment for dry, brittle lashes, is the 3-in-1 natural lash growth phenomenon that is Long Sexy Lashes™ Eyelash Growth Serum; this can be used as an overnight lash growth serum and also during the daytime as a strengthening, protective clear mascara or even as a nourishing and thickening lash primer for instant volume underneath your mascara. It is the first Paraben-free and Prostaglandin-free natural lash growth serum to contain a patented  Hair Growth Extract, clinically tested to grow longer, thicker lashes naturally within weeks.   It does the hard work for you, nourishing, repairing and growing your eyelashes, whilst making your lashes look thicker and longer instantly. Use it as a lash-growing clear mascara or as a volumizing and nourishing eyelash primer during the day. It can even be worn as a night-time lash growth treatment, repairing and volumizing lashes, leaving them thick, glossy and defined so you can look good in the boudoir too!  
Long Sexy Lashes Eyelash Growth Serum

Grow longer, thicker lashes naturally within 6 weeks! Long Sexy Lashes™ Eyelash Growth Serum contains a patented natural Hair Growth Serum to grow thicker, longer, more glamorous lashes and help solve the problem of thinning, weak, short and brittle eyelashes within 6 weeks!

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