How Makeup & False Lashes Can Change Your Eye Shape

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Change Your Eye Shape With Eyeliner & Lashes

We all wish we could change something about our facial appearance and in fact, most of us want to change something about ourselves that seems so small and insignificant, but actually has the most impact on our appearance and confidence, – a huge number of us wish we could change the shape and appearance of our eyes! It’s now easier than ever to do this both quickly and simply with the help of a few clever makeup tricks!  
Entice Half-Lashes

False Lashes can alter your entire look. Update your image quickly by refreshing your makeup look; bring the focus back on to your eyes by making them look larger and brighter with Entice Half Lashes; they’ll subtly enhance hooded eyes and distract attention away from wrinkles without the use of complicated eyeshadow techniques.

Just a dab of eyeliner, quick use of beauty tools for beautiful lashes and some cleverly placed false lashes can make your eyes look more youthful, as well as making small eyes look bigger, close-set eyes look farther apart, and even making hooded eyes look brighter, larger and more wide-awake!

Now you Can Also Change Your Eye Shape With Eyeliner! Here are some great ways in which you can use eyeliner to quickly change your eye shape in seconds! For the best results apply False Lashes too. 

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